Mount Rushmore – Most Binge-Worthy TV Series

When I think of binge-watching a television show, I don’t think about comedies or even necessarily action-packed shows. I think of gripping, edge-of-my-seat drama that sucks me into the characters and stories.

Yes, this can include really any genre of television, but that’s what I mean when I say that a show is binge-able. A story that carries me from episode to episode, an episode ends, and I immediately need to see what happens next.

It’s also a series that has more than a few seasons. Binging a show with one season ends after a day, maybe a weekend. I want something that will take me at least a week to get through, assuming I don’t spend every waking moment watching it.

So with those parameters, this is my list of most binge-worthy television series. I should note some series that I hear amazing things about, but I haven’t personally seen. I stopped halfway through The Walking Dead, never started Westworld, and also lost interest in Better Call Saul.

But maybe there’s some more I don’t know about, that you guys can clue me in on! I’ll be looking for more shows to watch as the coronavirus spreads, so feel free to let me know! So without any more delay…

Black Mirror



Okay, I know I put a heavy emphasis on the story. And to be fair, Black Mirror does a fantastic job with storytelling. It just truncates it into one episode instead of a series or even a season.

For those unfamiliar, Black Mirror is an episode by episode depiction of what could be. A usually dark insight into our future usually centered around our interactions with technology.

It’s so gripping and makes you want to watch the next episode because you literally have no idea what’s next around the corner. And while it does have five seasons, they are shorter seasons. You can use the extra time in between each episode to process what you just saw.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

The next three are likely to be ones you’ll see on any list of great shows or binge-worthy shows. That doesn’t make them any less worthy of being on the lists. So we’ll start with Breaking Bad, which might be controversial.

The beginning of the series can be a slog to get through. I’ve watched it a couple times through, and the second time through was pretty painless. Regardless, the last 90% of the show is a rollercoaster, giving you so much it’ll make your head spin.

A high school science teacher turned meth kingpin? Yeah, it’s that level of ride. The characters are well developed, and it’s my favorite kind of story: one where everyone has a correct point of view.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

I know, but you didn’t think there would be a list like this without including Game of Thrones, did you? Everyone, literally everyone who has watched it, agrees it’s six of the best seasons of television.

The last two seasons vary on reaction depending on who you ask, but I at least enjoyed every season. The seventh season was still great, and the last season had some issues but was overall entertaining. I binged this previous year as the final season came to an end and managed to watch the last few episodes in real-time with everyone else.

Think medieval times, but with zombies, dragons, and a power-sucking void at the throne. Even when the throne is filled, huge steps are being taken to upend the kingdom. It’s brilliant, due in no small part to the book series, written by George R. R. Martin.



My other potentially controversial pick. Were there a lot of holes? Yes. Were there a lot of unanswered questions? Yes. But did you watch it all the way to the ending, which wasn’t as bad as everyone pretends it was? Yes, you did.

I haven’t met many people who haven’t seen Lost, and everyone likes to complain about it because of the ending. But they all got there, and week by week at the time, we were all champing at the bit to see the next episode.

I got the privilege of watching it for the first time on Netflix, which meant I finished it in a couple weeks. And I immediately started a rewatch. I love so many of the characters from the show, and their arcs are almost all phenomenal. It’s maybe my favorite binge-able show.


I’m not sure what next week will bring, so if you have suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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