Mount Rushmore – Best Comedy TV Series

It’s a precarious time for everyone. Countries are starting to be put into full lockdown and at best, people are being encouraged to stay home if possible. But, silver lining, there are so many amazing television shows that you can watch, and comedies could be the perfect remedy to these trying times.

Now, I understand there is no good way to do this because there are so many shows that will inevitably be omitted. But these aren’t just the funniest shows. These shows have depth, character complexity and other things to provide besides just the laughs.

I welcome some healthy discussion about the list, though, because everything on my list is subjective. Also, all these shows can be found on Netflix, so if you haven’t watched some of them, you can check them out there!

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

I’ve written about BoJack before, so I won’t go too in-depth here. Just know that it balances the funny, the heartbreaking, and the things that make you angry, and still will make you cry at its moments of triumph. It’s one of those shows that sends you on a rollercoaster ride but in the best way.

You’re supposed to feel out of control, violently hurled toward each season finale. And the brief moments of reprieve make (almost) every character likable, but all of them relatable. It’s a beautiful story that will provide some real-life lessons through the points of view of talking animals in cartoon format. You never could have convinced me it was possible, but here we are.


The Good Place

The Good Place

There is no such thing as a perfect television show. It doesn’t exist.


The Good Place is damn close. Similar to BoJack, it gives you a little bit of everything, and the seasons take you on a ride. The characters are amazing, the story is beautifully told and the lessons told are lessons we can all stand to apply to our lives.

The first season twist is one of the better twists I can remember in a show, and the last couple of episodes in the series are heartbreakingly perfect and bittersweet. All the main actors do incredible work and their off-screen relationships are apparent on-screen.


Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec

Ok, so I’ll use a bit of this to talk about another show. I left The Office off my list. Not because it wasn’t a great show. But it provided less of the other aspects that the shows I chose do. It also went a bit too long, which caused some shaky seasons.

Parks and Rec, for me, was the second child of Mike Schur. Schur made a few mistakes and learned from his time on The Office, only to develop and grow a better version in Parks and Rec.

As with The Good Place, the relationships of the characters drive this show. This show most accurately depicts how I’ve experienced friendships in my life. You fight, you argue, you get annoyed and you have distance between you sometimes. But ultimately, you love each other.


Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek

This one is underrated, but it’s special. Anyone who has seen the show knows how special the moment above is. I won’t spoil it, but it leads to, in my opinion, the most tender moment, and also the funniest moment in the whole series.

Catherine O’Hara is astounding, though grating, Eugene Levy is everything I’ve come to expect from him, and the rest of the cast plays so well off each other. This one leans more into romantic love than the others on the list, but the comedy is still the heavyweight.


More television next week! Looking for something to binge during your social distancing? I’ll give you the four best shows to binge-watch!

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