Writing For Me – The Weekly Circle #2

I am very much a writer. I don’t do it consistently (save this weekly post), I’m self-conscious about everything I write, and I come up with a lot of good ideas and can’t seem to put pen to paper.

But I continue to do so, attempt after attempt because it’s the only thing that resonates with me in terms of a task. There are other things that speak to me, but they are more experiential and less process. I love the process of writing.

Fleshing out characters, world-building, and finding those little details that bound the story together like a woven basket. They are why I continue to write. Continuing the process, knowing it will likely never lead to financial gain or acclaim.

We are simple creatures with complex minds. My mind goes a mile a minute, constantly. There is always some new bit of information to learn or “next” task to approach. It’s why my posts can sometimes be rambling or jump around. The thread’s layout nicely, even when I reread it, but it’s a jumbled mess to someone who doesn’t know my process.

But when I have made those attempts at writing fiction, the world is quiet. MY world is quiet. I can lock-in in a way that I can’t with anything else. My roadblocks have been huge story plot holes and realizing I wasn’t passionate about the story I was writing. That said, I have a new idea I mentioned last week. And I love it.

~  ~  ~

Poetry Round-Up


Writing Update

As I mentioned before, the story I’ve started working on is something that I’m really getting excited about. I’ve at various times wanted to write about mental health, my own life, superheroes, and complex, flawed characters.

These were all separate ideas, but I think I’m going to be able to combine them all into this story, working title “Draven”. I don’t want to share a ton yet, because I’m still working through the early stages. I don’t even know what the book is going to be about yet!

But I am very excited and can’t wait to dig in more.


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