Mount Rushmore: Countries to Visit

I’m rounding out my travel Mount Rushmore’s with a look into the future. I’ll do more travel-related posts in the future, but I’m going to try some other avenues with it starting next week.

I’m not someone who usually wants to move out of the country. The idea of living in a different country has never really taken hold with me, but that’s not to say I won’t ever want it. And I’ve looked into a lot of countries just in case that mentality should ever shift.

Something peculiar about my list is that it covers three continents as well as the region of Oceania. Obviously, people want to see variety, but I also believe that people are drawn to similar places that they are comfortable with. My list is varied, and in some cases, could be considered dangerous. But fear will keep you trapped in a bubble of your own making.

So now to take a look at my top four countries I’d like to visit.



Photo by Karol Kaczorek on Unsplash


I don’t drink anymore, but look at that view! The wine fields in Italy are one of my favorite views that I have yet to visit. The rolling countryside is something that I was really turned on to when watching the second season of “Master of None” on Netflix. They do an episode where the main character is living in Italy, and it’s a beautifully shot episode of television.

And this is before we get to some of the most historic and scenic cities in the world. Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, and Genova all have hundreds of years of history running down every street. The colors and textures visible in photos can only be magnified by experiencing them in person.



Photo by David Edelstein on Unsplash


Absolutely stunning. Japan is a totally different life experience to what I’m used to, and I think that would be incredible to embrace. Tokyo is obviously a must experience, but I want to span the rest of the country too! From Akita to Osaka, there is a lot to explore, and Hiroshima has so much history to take in as well.

But the prize for me is Mt. Fuji. Nature will always hold something over cities for me, and that is applicable in other countries too. It’s honestly so iconic, even the most attached city dweller would gravitate toward the famous peak. I just want to make sure I visit on a day that the volcano remains quiet.

New Zealand


Photo by Aaron Sebastian on Unsplash


Another nature’s paradise, New Zealand first entered my realm of thought when I started hearing the actors in Lord of the Rings talk about how it was the most beautiful place they’ve ever been. I’ve actually never heard anyone who has been there NOT say that.

But, honestly, I don’t have a lot to say about New Zealand. I haven’t done a massive deep dive into the country yet, so I’m not even sure of exactly where I’d want to go and what I’d want to do. It’s more of a leap of faith selection. As I said above, I’ve never heard anyone who has been to New Zealand say anything bad about it (save the dangerous wildlife), and that is enough of an endorsement to me.

South Africa


Photo by KYLE CUT MEDIA on Unsplash


Every time I mention how much I want to visit South Africa, people look at me like I have three eyes. And I can somewhat understand their initial hesitation. Even though apartheid has ended, the xenophobia and racism still permeate the country. But to be honest, how is that any different than any other country?

It’s a beautiful country with an amazing history. It’s also a very diverse country, with people of all kinds of races, cultures, and languages, and they are working to correct a lot of the issues that have plagued the country. Cape Town is the main draw for me, but a visit to Johannesburg would be incredible as well.


Next week, I’m going to head in a different direction, looking at movies and television for a bit. Thanks for reading!

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