I’m Choosing Happiness Over Social Media – Newsletter #0

Hey everyone,

This is the first newsletter for me, ever! I don’t love the term ‘newsletter,’ however, so let’s call it a Weekly Circle. I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to do but decided to make the first one more of an announcement than anything else.

But first, why a Weekly Circle? I came up with the name Sunken Circle because, in my head, I imagined the depths of the ocean as a safe, calm place. And it’s there, in those safe spaces, that people can feel free to open up and be their most authentic selves. It’s something I’m still working on myself, but to me, it’s exactly where creativity is born. So what better way to interact more with people by having a weekly circle, where we can all interact freely.

Now, back to the announcement. I’m stepping away from social media for the most part going forward. I’m going to delete Facebook (again, and for good), including the page for Sunken Circle, and deleting the app for Twitter from my phone. In addition to those things, I’m also going to convert my Medium page to writing about sports. I love sports, and I used to write about them a bit, but never really stuck with it.

I’m changing all these things for one simple reason: my happiness. I’ve become acutely aware of how much happier I am when I’ve pulled away from social media, particularly Facebook. I’ve done every sort of manicuring of my Twitter account that I can, but it still gets to me sometimes.

And while I’ve noticed the negativity I pick up on social media, I’ve seen more clearly the positivity I gain from interacting with people in real life. My life is so much better when I’m interacting with people I care about and doing things outdoors that I love. So, it’s a pretty simple choice for me.

There have been so many changes I’ve been making to my life and more that are to come. And I’m very ready to find new ways to reach out to people in a way that works for me, including in different formats.

Next week, I’ll be expanding more on what’s to come, plus some insight into things that I’m reading, writing, and more. Thank you all so much, and I hope to interact with everyone soon!


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