New Look, Same Mission

Art by Panda Smithson (Endagerously Creative)


Hey everyone!

I am thrilled to debut our new logo and tell you a little bit about where we’re headed. I spent a lot of time ruminating over what I wanted to convey with this change in branding.

Orange Elephant meant something to me because I have a strong connection with elephants and orange is such a creative color. But I wasn’t totally in love with the potential of the logo and more importantly, I felt like the name didn’t convey what I wanted in terms of the other types of media I want to pursue. With Sunken Circle, I have a more unique identifier for the brand and I love the final logo. I tried going through Fivver a couple of times for the logo, and while I ended up with quality options, the artists were not capturing what I wanted in the image. A darker, more brooding image that was both unique and could be used in many different ways. I reached out to an artist friend of mine, Panda Smithson, and she absolutely knocked it out of the park. I explained my vision for the logo and she nailed every aspect of it. She does amazing artwork through her website, Endangerously Creative. Check her out for any pet caricatures, logos, or really any other artistic work you may need. She’s also a musician, so she does it all!

All of this being said, my mission is the same: to bring creativity to the forefront and learn more about the creative process. I have plans for a podcast, YouTube channel and maybe some collaborative work in addition to my own writing. I’ve been sitting on some pieces that I wanted to release once the branding was taken care of, so expect those in the coming weeks. I’m also going to be moving across the country in the next few months, so lots of exciting changes are ahead. Thank you again to everyone that has read or will read my work. It sounds corny, but it literally makes my day when someone reads something I wrote. Your time is the most valuable part of your experience, so I thank you for spending some of it with me.

Peace, Love, and Positivity,

Liam Silas

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