It starts in our brain

The words, or lack thereof, sting

A missile shot directly at our weakest point

The collapse has begun

Slowly, the mind folds in on itself

You were of critical integrity to our structure

A cornerstone that was ripped out

Nothing to fill the void


The emotions will follow

No logical thinking to keep them at bay

They flood the body

The body would fight them if it could

But the Trojan horse is in

The gate has been put back up

The body was none the wiser


The emotions are only

The beginning of the end

Without the mind to control the thoughts

And with the emotions engulfing the body

It’s only a matter of time 

Before the body goes too

Unable to resist any longer

On the floor, broken

Awaiting repair


One word or phrase

Followed by destruction


Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

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