Coffee Shop

You know it when you find it

The aroma rushes into your nose

The beans aren’t burnt, fragrant

The parking lot was not full or empty

People know good coffee

But it can’t be full

A full coffee shop contains you

You might as well have stayed at home


There are staples, people you see everywhere

The older man in the corner reading the newspaper

The young entrepreneur working on an idea

The writer, with space to let their mind roam,

Creating next to the window

A small group of twenty-year-olds

Catching up on college or relationships


So what ruins this image of perfection?

The boisterous businessman on his phone

The group of people loudly laughing at nothing

Or too many of the regulars

Cramming in because it’s “their spot”

Slowly boxing everyone in


So, when you find it

The perfect place to escape

Hold on to it

Cherish it like the gem it is

It inevitably won’t last


Until then, learn about it

Find the ebbs and flows 

Find those perfect hideaways 

Communicate with it in a way you haven’t before


Because when it comes to an end 

Whether it’s amicable or torrid

You’ll be on your own again


Homeless, you’ll search

Looking for the next, perfect match


You’ll know it when you find it


Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

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