Raw Writers Wanted

I’m noticing something on Medium. And it’s not egregious. It’s not even necessarily a bad thing. But it’s something that doesn’t resonate with me.
Medium is a beautiful place that gives voice to anyone. It’s given me a platform to express myself and it has changed my life for the better.
That being said, I’m noticing that a lot of people have started to conform their writing to fit into the status quo. I read an article today that was talking about how people who stand out in life don’t conform to society. They blaze their own path and go out of their way to find the unique moments in our lives and turn it into something magical.
And I agree with every bit of that. The problem was the way it was written. It came across as very disingenuous and was full of sentences that were saying the same thing in different ways.
Before I go further, I want to confess my own sins. I know that I have been guilty of all those things. And I’m not here to be the Medium police or get bent out of shape about someone else’s writing.
And all of us are here for different reasons. Some are here primarily to consume. Some are here to gain a following and “make it” as a writer. Some are here to purge thoughts and express themselves in ways that we never felt we could. And none are wrong.
So, it really comes down to what you’re here for. If you are here for free, quick self-help guides and people who haven’t figured their own shit out telling you how to get YOUR shit together, perfect. That is a sizable portion of the posts that I come across and good on you. I’ve spent plenty of time reading those same articles.
But if you’re here for something that speaks to you. Something that moves you, presses all your right buttons, and takes you in beyond words, well, that’s different. I’m not saying that doesn’t exist on Medium. On the contrary, I’ve found some beautiful, amazing writers on here that I would have never known existed before. That’s the best part about Medium.
But these writers typically aren’t pushed in the same way. I’m not sure if it’s the algorithm or maybe I just read so many of the “Top 5 Ways to…” articles at first that I continue to have them pushed into my inbox every morning. Either way, I want more.
I want more voice given to writers who word vomit onto the screen. I want more writers who throw things against the wall, hoping something sticks. Writers who write about what moves THEM, in the hopes that they can move someone else. Those articles are where the truth lies.

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