Every flower grows from a bulb. 

Every butterfly, a caterpillar; 

every frog, a tadpole. 

And just like these other metamorphoses,

humans undergo a similar process. 

It is not a physical transformation, 

but a spiritual, emotional and mental one.

However, similar to the caterpillar,

we will only transform when we are ready.

It is only when we complete our journey,

and decide that we are ready to become more,

that we cocoon.

We bury ourselves in protection,

surrounding ourselves in things that will feed our growth.

And eventually, after enough time has passed,

we emerge from our nurturing shell.

We are not perfect, far from it.

But we are evolved, new, but the same.

We are more beautiful and equipped to handle life.

And that’s when we are freed.


Photo by Ye Fung Tchen on Unsplash

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