Astrology 101: The Moon, the Sun, and Retrogrades in 2019

Photo: Dimitar Dilkoff, AFP/Getty Images
Being that there was a new moon last night and we are exiting Uranus retrograde today, I thought I’d write up an astrology primer for 2019. This is very basic, as I still have a lot to learn in this area. But I wanted to give an every-person layout of what’s in store for 2019.
I’ve long had interest in things like astrology, crystals, tarot and everything between. But sometimes the articles I’d try to read seemed overwhelming and going straight to a tarot reader felt like I was jumping into the deep end. As a Cancer, I like to do my research, then slowly integrate things into my life. So I’ve started to research (big shoutout to the AstroTwins, where most of my knowledge has come). And now, I’d like to provide an easy-to-follow guide to these areas for anyone like me.
These are the major astrological events happening in 2019. This does not include planetary events or meteor events because that’s a lot to put into one post and to try to absorb. So, here are the lunar and solar events, as well as the retrogrades we will experience this year!
Major Events (thanks to for the info)
January 21 – Full Moon, Supermoon
January 21 – Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)
Our first Supermoon (out of 3) for 2019! Supermoon’s are closer to Earth so they may appear larger and brighter than usual. We also get a Total Lunar Eclipse, which happens when the Moon passes through Earth’s shadow, giving it a red color. If you’re in most of North America, South America, western Europe or western Africa, be on the lookout.
February 19 – Full Moon, Supermoon (Hunger Moon)
Supermoon #2 is known as the Hunger Moon because Native American tribes viewed this moon when winter weather was harsh and hunting was difficult.
March 20 – Spring Equinox
The Spring Equinox signals the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of fall in the Southern Hemisphere. This is also the day when the sun will shine directly on the equator, hence the name Equinox.
March 21 – Full Moon, Supermoon (Worm Moon)
Three Supermoon’s in a row! Native American tribes gave this moon the “Worm” distinction because of the changing weather. The warmer air leads to softened ground and the reemergence of worms.
June 21 – Summer Solstice
The first day of Summer in the NH, indicating the tilting of the NH toward the sun. This is the longest day in the NH, while the SH, in Winter, experiences its shortest day.
July 2 – Total Solar Eclipse
If you live in central Chile or central Argentina, prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse. The moon will block the sun’s path on July 2, with a partial Eclipse through most of western South America.
July 16 – Partial Lunar Eclipse
If you are in the parts of the world that didn’t get to see the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21, never fear. A Partial Lunar Eclipse hits most of Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Indian Ocean.
September 23 – Fall Equinox
The first day of Fall in the NH and the first day of Spring in the SH.
December 22 – Winter Solstice
The first day of Winter in the NH and Summer in the SH. Also the shortest and longest days of the year, respectively.
December 26 – Annular Solar Eclipse
Our last major event of 2019! This Eclipse is slightly different, in that an Annular Eclipse happens when the Moon is too far away from the Earth to completely cover the Sun. This Eclipse will pass through Saudi Arabia, northern Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. A partial Eclipse will be visible through most of Asia and northern Australia.
New Moons
New Moons are great. They are a great time to shed anything that isn’t serving you and start with a clean slate. They happen when the Sun is directly aligned with the Moon, causing the Moon to “disappear” in the night sky. It’s also a great time to view other celestial bodies and events.
January 6, February 4, March 6, April 5, May 4, June 3, July 2, August 1, August 30, September 28, October 28, November 26, December 26
Full Moons
Full Moons are more…fun. Full Moons are thought to influence animal and human behavior, which I can attest to, working in the service industry. Thoughts and emotions are heightened, and it is the height of mental clarity.
January 21, February 19, March 21, April 19, May 18, June 17, July 16, August 15, September 14, October 13, November 12, December 12
Planetary Retrogrades
Now for the fun stuff. Retrogrades have started to become more pronounced in culture lately and for good reason. When a planet begins to move in the sky opposite of its normal trajectory. The planet is not actually spinning in reverse. It appears to be moving differently because of its relation to Earth and how they are both moving around the Sun.
The most well-known planetary retrograde is Mercury, due to its frequency, but there will be six planets in retrograde this year, each with its own effects. Retrogrades are a reflective time where planning and introspection are paramount. Shoutout to for the info!
Mercury is most associated with communication errors such as mistakes and misunderstandings. Transportation problems also tend to occur in Mercury retrograde.
Things to focus on: Research, planning, behind-the-scenes moves
Things to avoid: New commitments
March 5 – March 28
July 7 – August 1
October 31 – November 20
Jupiter goes into retrograde every year and usually lasts about four months. It also overlaps the second Mercury retrograde.
Things to focus on: Reviewing intentions and belief systems
April 10 – August 11
Saturn goes into retrograde once this year, for almost five months. It overlaps both Jupiter and Mercury retrogrades.
Things to focus on: Long-term goals and planning
April 30 – September 18
Uranus is in retrograde twice this year. One ended today, as it carried over from last year. The other overlaps the last Mercury retrograde of the year and lasts for about five months.
Things to focus on: Inner freedom, new perspectives
January 1 – January 6
August 12 – January 1
Neptune also spends about five months in retrograde every year, overlapping parts of Uranus’, Saturn’s, and Jupiter’s retrogrades, as well as two of Mercury’s retrogrades.
Things to focus on: Spirituality, inner tranquility, vision
June 21 – November 27
The last of our retrogrades this year, Pluto goes for about five or six months every year. It overlaps the second Mercury retrograde, as well as parts of all the other retrogrades.
Things to focus on: Change and transformation.
April 24 – October 3
~     ~     ~
So there we are! I hope this new year brings all the best into your life, and knowing how these planetary events work and what they affect will help. I’d like to do more of these kinds of posts, so if you’re interested or have feedback, let me know!

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