Sitting deep within

Laying dormant for too long,

The lumps begin to meld.

The slow process starts,

One offense melting next to another.

The temperature begins to rise,

Each incident becoming one with another.

The lumps coalesce together,

The magma beginning to boil.

There is a brief moment of indecision.

Everything floats in stasis,

Waiting to be tamped down again.

This time is different.

The mixture of anger, fear, cowardice;

The feelings of shame, regret and despondency,

All start to rise.

They won’t be tamed this time.

The fiery substance comes rushing toward the surface,

Gasping for oxygen, needing to breathe.

Just as quickly as it flooded to the one place it could escape from,

The lava overwhelmed the only person it could,

And left her crystalized,

Frozen in a wave of hate and anger.


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