One Year Later

Every day, for the past year, I meditated. Sometimes it was a short, three-minute window I had in my day. Sometimes it was a fully immersive thirty-minute experience that felt like I was transported from one space in time to another.

Not every day was easy. And it didn’t always get easier. As someone who has gone through bouts of depression and anxiety, I experienced them again through this year. I’m not sure if it was because I had opened my mind up more or because of other aspects of my life, but there were periods where I felt like it wasn’t working. That the months of tranquility and calm I had brought myself were just a precursor to the storm developing in my mind.

I also think back to how much I’ve changed since last July when I first started on this journey. I knew a lot less about myself and what I want out of life. I was very career driven and much less experience driven. I was in a job that I thought could develop into a strong career. I’m still in the job currently, but I’m making moves to get out of that and into a position to make the most of my life. This site is a step in that direction.

I plan to keep meditating every day. It was very beneficial to my mental health and well-being. And I’d urge everyone to do it, regardless of your mental health. We could all use a little more peace.

Love and Create.

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